I graduated from college in June 2012 and thought that with a year of drawing comics I could build up enough of an audience to Kickstart my movie Where The Shadow’s Lie. I was way off. Back then I struggled to get 4 visitors a day. I would post by arc not by page and because of that the updates were sporadic instead of being weekly the way it is now. I posted the first arc on July 1st 2012 (which was Zoe’s original 18th birthday) I tried to post in realtime as well as kept the postings PG so a lot of the story was skipped. This wasn’t even the first version of the comic. I had actually drawn up 5 arcs back in 2008, intending to submit it to a manga competition. When I saw that there was this annual competition I thought what would manga fans like. I had started losing interest in anime around this time and the last anime I bought was The Melancholy of Harumi or something like that. I saw it was popular and it starred a girl with eccentricities that tortured a guy who was a quazi love interest. So I came up with a girl who wore fangs and loved horror films and would bite her friend. I had no idea at the time that there were real people who take on vampire personas. The stories were easy to write and it only took me a few months to do up about 25 pages… But I hadn’t really looked into the competition very well and didn’t realize it was abandoned and I think the manga company that did it might of went under (was never much of a manga reader). So disheartened I mostly set it aside and continued sketching my main story idea Blessed Frontier (which someday I will get a scanner and post the roughly 150pgs I had sketched up of that).

So  with the competition out Zoe sat there for years. I went to college in the beginning of 2011 for filmmaking and after a year and half I was graduating with honors with a useless associates degree. I had 2 movies I wanted to make and was finishing up their screenplays. I knew I had a lot of student loans to pay and knew that to make the movies would cost minimum 40K so thought if I went all out making comics and do the occasional youtube movie review I could build a huge audience and in no time be making my movies. I started with 4 comics. Zoe, Randomness (a comic that was just gag strips), Most Definitely Human (a comic about a boy befriending an alien in a post apocalyptic Earth), and Frontier (mentioned above, this growing up was the story that I was most invested in and was the first fleshed out story I ever made, only being 12 when I first started coming up with the characters and the story).

So I started the site and started posting. This comic and randomness were the only 2 that I kept doing as I found that I didn’t have the time to juggle 4 comics and youtube content (which also was abandoned as the 1 video I did make was very crappy) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJ_t_WperRg

The original Zoe lasted about 9 months and covered the story up to Zoe and Damien dating and confessing they love eachother. I had planned to continue the story and show their prom and then starting a life together. In the original arc I left out the darker moments and conflicts. I thought that it was best to make it a comic that was appropriate for all ages. I did adult stuff but it wasn’t posted or advertised on the site. Because I wanted it PG rated I left out a lot of Zoe’s darker side as well as her sexual side. Instead the teasing was a bit more innocent in nature.